Firstly. How in the world do you know what someone does with their time? You sat down and wrote a whole book about the things you have to do for your own children, now honey; You are not entitled to a bonus. They chose these children and now have an obligation to look after them. Do not write books online about what it takes, whether the time or money to take care of your own children. Mr. Smh. You do not know the circumstances of all and you cannot judge those who have opinions about the child care system. In fact, I agree that the system is a waste and favours women. I`ve seen it over and over again. Who should say what a parent of father or non-custodial does with their time and money when they have children. Who are you to count what he/she with this time and money? I think you`re just angry that the father of your children doesn`t pay the amount you want to do for all the mandatory things for your kids. It was between you and the man you loved to open your legs and have children. Not all other types of relief online: you can be reimbursed for expenses you made during the attempted visit that was ultimately refused, and the court may order extra time for education and makeup to spend with the children.

If you do not ask in your application for a particular type of discharge, the judge cannot grant you. Be aware of the types of relief available to you for refusing the visit, and remember that the judge is limited by what you ask for in your briefs (the documents you submit to the court). The police will come and let them know in passing what your intentions are and that you don`t want any problems, you just want to spend time with your child. Also ask questions you`ve already asked at distributor b/c, now you have a physical officer who will be with you. Finally, you will both go to have the child and three things will happen ex woman refused open communicationMeine ex-wife refuses to have an open communication with me regarding our children. She has the main guard because, according to the state of Florida, I work too much. She refuses to give me her phone number in case of emergency for our children, and the only way she will communicate is by email.