Subject to and in accordance with Section 215 FPSLRA, the alliance may, on behalf of the workers in the bargaining unit, present the employer with a group complaint that feels saddened by the interpretation or usual application of these workers, a provision of a collective agreement or an arbitration bonus. A.5 Make redefining the family a priority in our collective agreements. The amended definition includes spouses, elected partners, whether they are of the same sex or the same sex, children (including stepchildren, foster children, common children), parents (including in-laws, adoptive parents, in-laws), sisters and brothers (including brothers-in-law), grandparents (including in-laws), grandchildren (including in-laws) and other mixed members. Such a redefinition involves negotiating contractual recognition of lesbian and homosexual relationships, in order to recognize family and family responsibilities and the benefits they paid to help their families. A.13 The union must make it clear that there is a place for our families in our Union. To be family-friendly, we need to create a framework that recognizes our families. These include providing environments that allow activists to take their families to EU activities, environments that do not force our children to be surrounded by alcohol, an environment in which our loved ones will feel at home. In addition, we need to broadly promote the fact that PSAC offers reimbursement for child care expenses. 46.02 If a member of the worker`s family dies, the worker is entitled to paid maternity leave. This bereavement leave, as determined by the worker, must include the date of the memorial commemorating the deceased or begin within two (2) days of death.

During this period, the worker is paid for days that are not regularly provided for the worker. In addition, the worker may be granted up to three (3) days of paid leave for death-related travel. E.9 Information and training meetings for collective team members must be asked on issues of fairness. Teams need to draw attention to the commitment of the Alliance for Justice and be forced to integrate these issues into the mainstream of collective bargaining and bring them around the table on priority issues. As a public servant, your working conditions and collective agreement determine your leave pay 18.03 The deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee and, if necessary, the representative of the Alliance. The severance provisions of the collective agreement are in addition to the MST. A.3.2 Negotiation of leave with a salary for family obligations of 25 working days per year, with no limitation on the number of consecutive days. This increased right to paid leave recognizes that members have the right to work in “family environments” and promotes the sharing of family responsibilities; allows members to help the elderly. Note: This corresponds to 20% (7.5 hours of 37.5 hours, 8 hours of 40 hours or according to the provisions of the collective agreement) spread over the three reasons, not 20% for all reasons.