Their response was a fiery embrace – and they threw their arms around each other, they wept in silence. I am nothing, I have nothing – but if the fervent prayers of a grateful heart could be heard, Mr. From all over the country came the fervent vows of those who heard him. He was also a man of deep piety and ardent devotion to the Blessed Virgin. And in his studies, he should make a great appeal to them, a burning call. The political world and its most fervent supporters can be driven by a presidential candidacy. I know as well as anyone how much his most fervent supporters, Hillary Clinton, want to run for president. passionate, passionate, passionate, fervent, fervent, passionate, perfervid mean an intense feeling. Passionately involves heat and intensity without violence and suggests a fluid verbal expression. Passionate advocacy for justice passionately involves a great vehemence and often violence and a wasted spread of emotions. a passionate denunciation with an intense degree of ardour, dedication or enthusiasm.

a staunch defender of human rights emphasizes the sincerity and firmness of warmth or emotional jealousy. The fervent greetings passionately scraped hot and spontaneous and often expressed with excitement emotion. fervid perfervid love letters involve the expression of exaggerated or exaggerated feelings. The way he differs from his opponents is his staunch opposition to the Keystone pipeline. It must be said that the most fervent opponents of the Affordable Care Act are the grassroots Republican voters. Medium English, Anglo-French and Latin; Anglo-French, of the fervent Latin, fervent, participatory present of Ferv̩re to cook, foam Рmore to barm Ramos was an avid fan of the Mets and he would often talk to sports students.