Unlisted stock exchange products issue program linked Structured products offered by Hang Seng Bank Limited: The final share price is below the strike price and the initial share price The final share price falls to HKD 90, a 10% drop on the final fixing date. Since the final share price is lower than the exercise price and the initial share price, you are not entitled to a coupon and you receive only 90% of your original amount. . ELIs can be issued in all unrestricted and freely convertible currencies, such as AUD, CNY, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD or USD. This is shown in the report card for the corresponding IEI series. Comprehensive Equity Linked Investments Experience is a few steps away[2] Initial share priceThe initial share priceThe closing price of the stock linked on the trading day of the ELIs The increase in the final share price is higher than the coupon price The final share price goes up to HKD 120, an increase of 20% at the final fixing date. This increase in the share price is higher than the coupon rate of 10%. As a result, the coupon rate increases to 20% at maturity. . Opening a bank account and investment account on Hang Seng Mobile App[1] ELIs may have functions such as airbag, Callable and/or Daily. For more information on relevant products, see “How it Works” on this site. For more information, visit The Chin family. Some ELIs allow partial protection of capital at maturity.

Let`s start with the illustration. Suppose you invest in a 3-month ELI with partial capital protection at maturity, associated with a share. Here are 4 scenarios on the impact of the final share price on your overall performance. Strike priceThe Strike price (i.e. the reference price) is set as a certain percentage on or below the initial share price of the stock. In general, you receive the total amount of the investment if the final share price is equal to or higher than the exercise price; If the final share price is lower than the exercise price, you will receive physical shares of the linked stock or cash funds corresponding to the maturity price. You can place an ELI order via our Hang Seng Personal Banking Mobile, Personal e-Banking (desktop version) app or one of our agencies. The flexible tenors of the investment range from 1 month to 3 years. Call-based EAs allow investors to obtain the potential return and invested capital before the due date. The offset currency for each cash payment under an ELI is generally the currency used to purchase the ELI.

. Personal Customers: (852) 2822 0228 Commercial Customers: (852) 2198 8000 ELI`s online trading platform processes ELIs orders from 9am to 3.30pm on trading days Monday to Friday (excluding Hong Kong holidays, half-day or market disruption days). If there are shares of companies linked to your holding company ELIs, we will provide you with a written notification based on your contact information registered with the bank. Some of the EXs are not protected by capital, while others are partially protected by capital at maturity, subject to a basic solvency level set out in the corresponding schedule. Keep in mind that in both cases, the total amount of your investment is compromised and is ready to assume full financial responsibility.