3. The employee accepts that the confidential information and protected data are the exclusive property of the employer and that they do not remove it under any circumstances from the employer`s premises, unless the employer has previously given written authorization. If it is withdrawn, the employee must return the information and data in case of termination and must not make copies. 2.1.1 Intraware will enter into a one-year consulting contract with the worker, in the attached form, as Schedule A; 1.1 The worker represents the representation of workers, who are not currently the subject of any legal or administrative proceedings based on the recruitment, withholding, removal or compensation of the worker by the employer or on the termination of a employment or on the basis of the employment contract of 1 February 2000 between the contracting parties (the “employment contract”), their dismissal or termination. in which the worker of the employment contract participates or relates to the contract. This agreement is the complete agreement between the parties and replaces all previous agreements between the parties, including, but not limited to, the employment agreement; However, if the confidentiality agreement and the compensation agreement are not replaced and remain fully in force and 5.2.1 if the terms of this agreement are to be disclosed on the orders of a court competent in an action involving the employer or employee, or if the employer or worker is called as a witness. , agencies, individuals or organizations to which the subpoena is subject to publicity, including, but not exclusively, employment offices or public or federal taxes, provided that, in the case of such necessary disclosure, the other party consults with the other party in advance on such disclosure, so that that other party can request an appropriate discharge; 1.7 Intraware forever releases and releases any future employer of the worker from any means, action, accusation, judgment, obligation, damage or liability that Intraware has or may have with respect to such a future employer, and undertakes not to assist in or be represented in it, nor to incur a job, to ins interest or to allow Intraware on behalf of Intraware , any legal action on behalf of Intraware, , the charge, the claim, the complaint or any other proceeding against such a future employer resulting from the employee`s employment by Intraware, unless it is considered that a future employer renounces or renounces a right related to the worker`s obligations under this agreement or trade secrets , trade secrets or intellectual property rights. 2. The employee undertakes not to use confidential information or proprietary data for their personal benefit or for the benefit of others during his or her employment. 6.1 Signed as a condition for the performance of Intraware`s obligations under this agreement and to provide a “certificate of termination” to Intraware under paragraph 5 of the confidentiality agreement, and will continue to comply with and fulfill its obligations under the confidentiality agreement, which expressly or reasonably maintain the termination of the intraware employee`s employment.

The terms of a confidentiality agreement may vary from company to company. An agreement can provide the exact information that an employee must keep secret, for example. B a secret formula.